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Twin-splitter gearbox

1) Form of gearbox on heavy goods vehicle. Variation on splitter g/box to give very smooth, clutch-less gear changes across range of many gear ratios and intermediate ratios to provide optimum truck performance (ie of speed/fuel consumption, etc). See also Range-change.


Gearbox (vehicle/tachograph drive)

1) Part of vehicle transmission system (see also drive line). Attached to rear of engine via clutch and provides facility for selecting alternative gear ratios depending on vehicle weight, road gradient and desired speed of travel.


Corrector box/gearbox

1) In tachograph installations where mechanical drive (as opposed to electronic operation) is used, corrector gearbox ‘adjusts’ the turning rate of the drive cable to produce correct speed/distance indication/recording at the instrument head.


Constant mesh gearbox

1) Vehicle transmission whereby the gear trains remain constantly meshed to give smooth, silent, gear changing. Major technical advance in its day from old-type ‘crash’ gearboxes where double declutching was essential to allow gears to mesh and change smoothly and silently.


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