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International transport operations/journeys

1) Term referring to transport operations that cross national boundaries (eg UK, Europe, Northern Ireland, Irish Republic, etc). Particularly relevant to operator licensing, professional competence qualifications and exemptions to EU driving hours/ tachograph regulations.


International proof of compliance

1) In connection with ATP operations, the certificate or more particularly the plate issued when the vehicle/ container is tested to show that it complies fully with the requirements of the Accord.


International driving permit

1) Form of driving 'licence' acceptable internationally but particularly where, for example, normal UK licence is not recognized. Available from RAC/AA to UK residents over 18 years of age and covers only vehicles which they are qualified to drive (ie on their normal licence).


International sea transport

1) Sea transport between two ports (a port of loading/embarkment and a port of unloading/disembarkment) located in two different countries.


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