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Public liability

1) Liability of a person/firm towards others if they suffer damage or injury at your hands (ie on your premises/by your vehicles). Insurance can be taken out to protect against public liability claims (eg when a customer visiting firm's premises slips on floor and is injured; when a passer-by is hit by a cab door or accidentally walks into a tail-lift.


Vicarious liability

1) Legal term meaning that one person is held responsible for the (illegal/tortious) actions of another person. For example, an employer can be held liable for the actions of his employees.


Vehicle owner liability

1) See Owner liability.


Occupier liability

1) Legal liability of occupier of premises to ensure that persons (including trespassers) who come onto his land are safe and that he gives warnings of, or protection against, potential dangers (by fencing off or covering open holes/trenches, by preventing access where dangerous work is carried out, etc).


Limited (liability) company

1) Legal status for business, which has limited the liability of its members (ie shareholders). This means that in the event of collapse they are liable only to the extent of their shareholding (unless they have given personal guarantees for loans/ overdrafts, etc).


Employers’ liability

1) Legal obligation on employers (under Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969) to carry insurance cover to protect their employees who may suffer injury or illness arising from their employment.



1) Legal responsibility - eg of employer or user of a vehicle - to comply with the law or with the terms or provisions of a contract (eg an insurance policy).


Passenger liability

1) In terms of motor vehicle insurance, mandatory cover for passenger (except employees of the vehicle owner/operator) under the Road Traffic Act 1988.


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