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Light rail

1) Modern terminology for tram-type transit system (LRT). Usually operating within towns and cities or on short haul journeys (eg Croydon tramway and the Dockland Light Railway). See LRTA.


Light locomotive

1) Legal term. Defined as a vehicle, not itself constructed to carry a load (apart from tools and loose equipment) and which has an ulw exceeding 7,370 kg.


Speed warning light

1) Regarding tachographs, a warning light in the face which can be set to come on at a pre-determined speed to warn driver that he is exceeding pre-set limit.


‘Dead’ (and ‘light’) working

1) Situation where a bus or train, for example, has to be worked (ie run) back to its base or terminal either to operate the next service or for maintenance. Invariably these operations are conducted without carrying fare-paying passengers and are thus dead or light so far as revenue earning is concerned.


Rear position light

1) Vehicle red rear light. Two required and must be switched on when vehicle on road between sunset and sunrise.


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