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Mode switch

1) On vehicle tachographs, the switch which the driver uses to indicate his mode of work (ie driving/other work) or rest. Commonly drivers refer to this as the tachograph 'button' which they find hard to remember to turn as required - which is an offence.



1) Means manner in which things are done. In the transport context, means form used (ie road/rail/sea/air/pipeline, etc) or multi-modal (eg road-rail combined transport).


Combined mode

1) A term meaning intermodal freighting, particularly road-rail operations, where each mode is used to its best advantage to provide overall economy and efficiency for the whole journey.


Activity mode switch

1) Component on front of tachograph instrument by which the driver legally indicates his activities (ie driving, other work, break and rest periods) to ensure they are correctly recorded on the tachograph chart.


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