Материалы, в которых встречается метка (тэг, tag)


Controlled parking zone

1) A restricted parking/access zone for specific categories of vehicle, normally operated by a fee-paying permit or ‘Pay and Display’ system. Usually patrolled to detect non-payers.


Parking meter zone

1) Designated area (ie in towns) where parking meters are used to control vehicle parking - indicated by a sign (blue circle with red border and diagonal stripe on white background) which states times when zone is in operation (ie when meters must be used). See also Highway Code.


Parking brake

1) Vehicle brake (capable of being operated by independent means) intended to hold the vehicle secure when stationary (ie when parked). Must be capable of holding vehicle on gradient of at least 1 in 6.25 (ie 16 per cent), or 1 in 8.33 (ie 12 per cent) with a trailer attached, without the assistance of stored energy.


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