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Journey permit

1) Re international road haulage, a permit authorizing a single return journey from the UK to the relevant country (eg Italy). Such permits are allocated by IRFO at Newcastle upon Tyne on application.


Multi-lateral permit

1) Road haulage permit used in international transport for operations between any of the EU member states (but not outside EU). Permits allow haulier any number of journeys in year but for one vehicle only at a time. Allocated by IRFO Newcastle upon Tyne but in limited supply and only issued annually prior to beginning of year.


International driving permit

1) Form of driving 'licence' acceptable internationally but particularly where, for example, normal UK licence is not recognized. Available from RAC/AA to UK residents over 18 years of age and covers only vehicles which they are qualified to drive (ie on their normal licence).


Road haulage permit

1) Road haulage permit needed to transit/enter countries with which UK has negotiated agreement. Available in many forms from IRFO (under allocation system).


Bi-lateral permit

1) Road haulage permit authorizing goods vehicle to enter or transit a foreign state with which the country of its registration has negotiated such rights - obtainable from International Road Freight Office.



1) See Road haulage permit.


Period permit

1) Form of bi-lateral road haulage permit for international operations which permits unlimited journeys to a specified country during a specified period of time - as opposed to journey permits which cover only single journeys.


ECMT permit

1) Permit issued under the auspices of the European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) and valid for road haulage operations between the states, which are party to the Conference but with exceptions due to shortages of supply.


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