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Quantity licensing

1) System of governmental control (ie licensing) of goods vehicle operations based on 'quantity' concept - namely, where primary concern is to restrict the volume of freight capacity on the roads.


Экономичный (оптимальный) размер заказа (Economic order quantity EOQ)

1) Размер заказа, при котором суммарные затраты на размещение заказа и хранение запаса минимальны.


Rounding order quantity

1) That element of an order that has been added to the basic order quantity to meet a constraint imposed by the manufacturer or to optimize overall supply chain costs. (Source: ILT Supply-Chain Inventory Management SIG)


Fixed order quantity (fixed order size)

1) An inventory control system where stock is reviewed continuously and, whenever the inventory falls to a predetermined point, an order for a fixed quantity of stock is generated. (Source: ILT Supply-Chain Inventory Management SIG)


Maximum order quantity

1) An order quantity which, in principle, must not be exceeded. (Source: ILT Supply-Chain Inventory Management SIG)


Economic order quantity (EOQ)

1) In fixed order quantity systems, the size of an order that minimizes the total inventory cost, under a given set of circumstances, obtained by trade-off analysis between the cost of placing an order and the cost of holding stock. (Source: ILT Supply-Chain Inventory Management SIG)


Re-order quantity (ROQ) (or replenishment order quantity)

1) The calculated order quantity necessary to replenish stocks at a given point in time. The method of calculation, and the timing of the order, will vary depending on the type of inventory control system in use.


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