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Фрахтовые услуги (Freight payment services)

1) См. "Банковская схема погашения (фрахта)".


Logistics service life-cycle

1) The period of time during which specialized logistics services go through the processes of conception, design, implementation, growth, maturity and then move towards decline, being subsequently replaced by more technologically-advanced concepts and systems.


Archiving service

1) New concept whereby logistics operators provide customers with secure storage and recovery services for archived documentation.


Адвалорный тариф (actual value rate; value-of-service rate; value rate)

1) Грузовой тариф, рассчитанный не на основе себестоимости перевозок, а на основе объявленной ценности груза. Иначе говоря, провозная плата зависит от платежеспособности груза («по покупателю и цена» - «charging what the traffic will bear»).


Employment Medical Advisory Service

1) Carries out periodic medical examination of workers in hazardous situations as required by regulations made under provisions of the HSWA 1974 and the Factories Act 1961.


Потребительский сервис (Customer service)

1) Обслуживание клиентов.


Third-party service provider

1) Vehicle maintenance facility used by fleet operators wishing to contract-out their vehicle service and maintenance requirements - usually a main distributor for the make of vehicles operated or an independent repairer.


Shuttle service

1) A service that operates over (relatively) short distances backwards and forwards providing a fast link between two points with limited waiting time (eg with bus services or Le Shuttle service through the Channel Tunnel).


Rapid Service Pass

1) Eurotunnel pass to allow regular Channel Tunnel (ie Le Shuttle) users to travel on an account basis without having to stop and make payment on arrival at the Tunnel toll.


Service level

1) (1) Distribution term meaning the level (ie frequency, accuracy and speed) of delivery service given to customers (normally refers to standard level rather than exceptional). (2) The desired probability that a demand can be met from stock (for an individual item, group of items or a system) which can be expressed in a number of ways:


Service brake

1) Main part of vehicle braking system intended to meet normal braking requirements and providing the highest efficiency of any part of the vehicle braking system (ie 50 per cent efficiency on post-1968 goods vehicles).



1) Regarding legal proceedings, the serving on a person/firm of a summons or writ (ie answerable in Court).


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