Материалы, в которых встречается метка (тэг, tag)


Two-yearly inspection

1) Regarding tachograph calibration, etc, statutory inspection required at approved centre at two-yearly intervals. Plaque added to show when carried out. Illegal to miss this inspection.


Two-speed axle

1) Rear axle of goods vehicle containing two crown-wheel pinions for changing between high and low ratios. Operated from cab by vacuum or electrically. No longer popular with advent of multi-ratio gearboxes.


Two-man instrument

1) Regarding tachographs, instruments which have facility for accommodating two charts and providing two simultaneous recordings (for driver, time, speed and distance; for second man time only). Relevant modes selected by driver (number 1 mode switch) and second driver (number 2 mode switch).


Two-line braking

1) Braking system on articulated vehicles (mainly European) operated with two air lines only to semi-trailer UK system normally has three lines.


Two-dimensional bar code (2D bar code)

1) Codes in which information is placed in two dimensions and read from side to side, and up and down, by special scanning equipment and which can be read even if partially damaged. (Source: ILT Supply-Chain Inventory Management SIG)


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