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Tyre groove

1) Groove in vehicle tyre forming tread pattern. Must be at least 1 mm deep (1.6 mm for some vehicles from 1 January 1992) - see Tread depth. Base of the original groove over area of tread to which depth limit applies must remain visible. Grooves can be re-cut on tyres for certain vehicles.


Run-flat tyre

1) Vehicle tyre designed specially to be capable of running when flat or under-inflated but at restricted speed and for a limited distance (commonly referred to as such or as get-you-home spare). Legally referred to as 'temporary use spare tyre'.


Wide tyre

1) Vehicle (ie lorry/trailer) tyre which has area of contact with the road of at least 300 mm wide measured at right angle to length of vehicle.


Cross ply/tyre

1) Vehicle tyre constructed with the ply cords laid at alternative angles (less than 90 degrees) to the peripheral line of the tread. Same as a diagonal ply/bias belted tyre. Now largely replaced by use of radial ply tyres. See also Radial [ply] tyre.


Re-cut tyre

1) Vehicle tyre in which all or part of the original (or a different) tread pattern has been cut or burnt deeper. Such tyres may only be re-cut in accordance with the manufacturer's re-cut tread pattern and used on vehicles exceeding 2,540 kg unladen and with wheels at least 405 mm diameter.


Radial (ply) tyre

1) Vehicle tyre legally defined as being one structured with the ply cords extending to the bead at (substantially) 90 degrees to the peripheral line of the tread and with the ply cord 'stabilized' with a 'substantially inextensible circumferential belt'.


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