Материалы, в которых встречается метка (тэг, tag)


Wheel clamp

1) Device used by authorities (ie police) for immobilizing illegally and obstructively parked vehicles. Driver has to make contact and pay fixed penalty fee plus release charge to recover vehicle. Also used (controversially in many cases) by private contractors.


Fifth-wheel (5th-wheel) coupling

1) Type of coupling used on articulated vehicles comprising fifth-wheel plate on tractive unit (on which at least 20 per cent of weight of load on trailer must rest) and kingpin on semitrailer, which mate up, and lock into place. See also Sliding fifth-wheel.


Sliding fifth-wheel

1) Fifth-wheel coupling on articulated tractive unit which can be moved forwards or backwards to accommodate longer/shorter semi-trailers or adjust weight imposed on tractive unit drive axle/rear bogie.



1) Type of printer used with computers - gives letter-quality printing but at slower speed than with dot matrix types. Letters are actually carried on a ‘daisy’ wheel. See also Dot-matrix printer.


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