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Audible warning instrument

1) An instrument required on a motor vehicle, other than a bell, gong or siren, and capable of giving audible and sufficient warning of the approach or position of the vehicle. Also includes reversing alarms which are devices intended to warn persons that a vehicle is reversing or is about to reverse.


Warning triangle

1) Reflective red triangle to be placed on roadside to warn approaching drivers of a vehicle stopped on the road ahead. Legal requirement to carry and use such in many EU states (eg France, Germany; Spain requires two).


Hazard warning notice

1) Used in carriage of dangerous goods by road -correct name for label shown on tanker vehicles and tank containers carrying such in bulk. Specified in regulations The Dangerous Substances (Conveyance by Road in Road Tankers and Tank Containers) Regulations 1981.


Speed warning light

1) Regarding tachographs, a warning light in the face which can be set to come on at a pre-determined speed to warn driver that he is exceeding pre-set limit.


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